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Why Spiritual Matters?

The word ‘spiritual’ means different things to different people. Many are turned off by the word due to certain religious dogmas and cults whose spirituality was experienced as controlling or abusive.



It’s a Great Read!


Click here to visit spiritual author Steve Taylor’s profile page and listen to me interview him about his fantastic book Back to Sanity.

Gain a fascinating insight into why humanity is struggling and discover Steve’s views on the route back to sanity.

Life Changing Holidays


We all know a holiday can be a great way to get a new perspective on life but how many holidays also offer the opportunity to explore your life, alongside a group of like minded people?

Skyros holidays provide several such holidays at wonderful destinations around the world. I’ve been on four Skyros holidays abroad and recently went to check out their Isle of Wight venue – The Grange by the Sea.


Inspired Talk Radio Show

The Inspired Talk radio show is currently taking a break on Radio Verulam while Energy is travelling.


Great Discussions, Interviews, Fun and Music!


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