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Personal Development Holidays

There’s been another exciting development on the personal development holiday front!

I will be interviewing several Cortijo Romero (CR) facilitators over the coming weeks, getting a real feel for these workshop leaders from Spain’s finest alternative holiday centre.

I’ve already been in conversation with Jason Chan – whose teaching and practice is called Infinite Arts – and Jason will be facilitating two CR workshops in July.

Listen to me in conversation with Jason by clicking on the play button below.


Click here for more info on Cortijo Romero holidays

Bashar Inspires – Great Video!


We featured the audio from this video on the radio show a couple of years ago and I remember it having quite an impact on me at the time. For some reason, it disappeared off my radar until recently, when I was in need of some inspiration and suddenly found myself compelled to dig it out again.

It now feels like remembering to follow my highest excitement is probably the single most important thing I could be doing and it really helps to keep me present, cause you can only feel what your highest excitement is NOW and not in the future.

Enjoy the video!

Spiritual Matters: What the Teachers Say

I’m in the process of compiling an audio programme called Spiritual Matters: What the Teachers Say, featuring excerpts from my interviews with many of the world’s best loved spiritual teachers.

Listen to Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, Marianne Williamson (and many more) answer big questions I put to them, on a wide range of spiritual matters.



Click on the play button below for a sneak preview of the forthcoming audio programme.



More details coming soon

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