This holiday was so amazing – I delayed my return home

and stayed for a whole month!

Skyros, described by The Guardian as ‘the first and still the best’ alternative holiday, offers the independent-spirited traveller a totally unique and unforgettable holiday. The perfect antidote to dated package holidays, this is an adventure that opens the heart, expands the mind, recharges the body and uplifts the spirit.

On a Skyros holiday you can stretch the body in a yoga class, try some windsurfing, learn to dance to the rhythms of salsa, create your own mosaics masterpiece, start the novel you have been thinking about or take a look at what you really need in life.

Courses, usually held outdoors in the beautiful landscape, are inspiring and entertaining. Do as much or as little as you want. Relax and enjoy the good food and company. Skyros holidays has gained an outstanding reputation for its cuisine and vegetarians are always catered for. All nationalities are welcome although courses and activities tend to be facilitated in the English language.

But more than its courses, Skyros offers a unique community life – informal, friendly and relaxed – that brings people together in a way daily life rarely does.

The benefits of a Skyros holiday last long after the suntan has faded. They include new friendships and relationships, new interests, a fresh outlook or even a whole new way forward. The sense of renewed confidence and excitement about life is palpable.

A Skyros holiday was my first venture into the world of holistic holidays and I booked a trip to their ‘Skyros Centre’ in Greece. I’ll admit I was a little nervous about the whole thing but once I’d confirmed the booking, I knew in my heart that I’d done the right thing. 

The two courses that I joined during my stay were ‘Life Choices – Life Changes’ with Dina Glouberman (who happens to be one of the founders of Skyros) and ‘Choose Life at Any Risk’ with Ari Badaines.

There was an opportunity for self development and growth on both of these courses, although they took quite different approaches. Dina’s group used a mix of creativity, such as drawing and visions to help explore how we can create the life we truly desire, while Ari’s brought together a group of people wanting to work on their life issues in a more therapeutic way.

Both groups helped me to gain insights into my life situation and identify bad patterns that I’d become stuck in. Ari’s class was more challenging for me but it gave me the opportunity to pour out my heart in front of a wonderful group of supportive people. One thing that becomes quickly apparent in a sharing group like this, is how many other people have been through similar challenging situations. This was a very difficult period in my life and these workshops both played a big part in my healing process.

My accommodation was in a very nice house near to the Skyros Centre and I even had my own private roof terrace. The food at Skyros was also locally prepared and very tasty indeed.

Based on my experience of staying at the Skyros Centre in Greece, I have since joined them on their Thailand and Cambodia trips and at their centre on the Isle of Wight (see below).


The Grange by the Sea – Skyros on the Isle of Wight

Spending Christmas 2012 at The Grange by the Sea on the Isle of Wight was a lot of fun. I received a very warm welcome on arrival and was very impressed with both the accommodation and food during my stay. There were plenty of fun activities going on, including a great Christmas present game and a cabaret night. Taking a long walk along the wonderful Shanklin beach, adorned with cliffs, was also a very special experience for me on this trip. I spoke to several other course participants to get their feedback and you can hear what they had to say by clicking the play button below…



Here’s a short home made video of my Skyros trip to Asia…

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