Promotional Interviews


Promotional interviews are a powerful way of
getting your message out there and inspiring people to take action!

Whether you’re looking to promote your lifework, latest book or workshops & events, listening to an interview on the subject is far more compelling than text on a page. Great interviews inspire people to ‘get involved’ and I specialise in creating these inspiring interviews for websites and social media pages.

During a radio career spanning thirty years I’ve presented for many of the world’s most prestigious radio stations, including Capital Gold in London, Radio Caroline, BBC Local Radio and The Voice of Peace. I’ve interviewed a diverse range of figures form the spiritual and personal-development arena, including those pictured below, and you can listen to excerpts from these interviews in the audio player at the top of this page.

Through my wealth of experience in broadcasting and interviewing I’m able to offer a dedicated promotional interview service producing outstanding audio content for online promotion. I also have a special understanding of the spiritual and personal-development market place and know the right questions to be asking.

Interviews are normally recorded via Skype, making them easily accessible from the privacy and comfort of your own office or home. Once recorded and edited, they can be added directly to your website or anywhere online, including your social media pages; support is also available with this process.

Having been around radio studios and presenting for most of my life it’s easy to forget how daunting the prospect of being interviewed can be. When I started out in those early days I also found it very challenging; I was sometimes breathless when it was time to speak!

Although recording an interview isn’t quite as nerve wracking as being live on air, it’s normal for people to feel nervous and I’ve had many compliments over the years as to how comfortable I make people feel during the interview process. Interestingly, some of the most nervous ended up really enjoying it and by the end of the interview were totally hooked!

I have also been heavily involved in training others to excel on the radio and have hosted a series of workshops teaching people the skills of radio presentation and interviewing.


If you’re already drawn to the idea of creating promotional interviews and would like a quotation, or if you have any further questions, just send a message via the contact page and we’ll aim to get back to you within twenty four hours. Please make sure to put the words PROMOTIONAL INTERVIEWS in the subject box.