Radio Show

The Spiritual Matters Radio Show is currently on hold while I’m travelling in Asia but there are plans afoot for its return.

The programme is my way of bringing more awareness to some of the of the wonderful spiritual teachings I’ve discovered on my journey.

Previously broadcast weekly on a mainstream radio station, my hope was that people who had tuned in for regular music shows like The Motown Hour (the show before mine) would suddenly find themselves drawn to messages in the spiritual teaching we were featuring. The show was broadcast to the city of St Albans and across the rest of West-Hertfordshire on Radio Verulam – 92.6FM and was also relayed on Mind Body Spirit Radio.

It seems sad that there’s so little media content based around modern day spirituality and the message of living more consciously – especially in the UK – but I intend to continue my push to change this. I’m keen to hear from anyone interested in creating or funding a conscious radio station or TV channel of this nature.

Photo by Pete Bilk